Ye Olde German Baker Tom F.

Hello, baker Tom F. here…

Baking nutritious, aromatic, and tangy sourdough boules and batards made with naturally aged levain (an offspring of starter/culture), lots of whole wheat, and no industrial additives started out as a hobby not long ago. After college, I once worked at a fine German bakery, and I still remember the aroma of its fresh-baked breads and pastries.

Recently, my wife rekindled my passions by giving me a book on baking sourdough bread, and I tried myself again at baking and not only to please family and friends. Surprisingly, the sourdough loaves are a sounding success with family and friends.

I christened my loaves as Sacramento Sourdough. As a recreational baker, I operate out of my West Sacramento home kitchen. I might one day expand operations and sell into the community via word-of-mouth.

Any recipes featured on this site are adapted from books, videos, etc., to my liking. Use my recipes and the baker’s percentages (baker’s math) calculator as you please.

I am continuously enhancing this, my artful craft and hobby. And, no, I will not be making instructional videos baking German pretzels for the Food Channel…

By all means, please contact me with inquiries!

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