Malted Wheat & Rye Flour

Fresh Water

Aged Levain

Sea Salt

Natural ingredients, lots of whole grains, & no funny stuff…

Naomi F.
UC Davis Alumna
VP of Tasting & Praise

“Sliced, plastic-bagged, off-the-shelf bread can taste bland. Many in the baking industry add preservatives and flavor agents like honey (sweet) or vinegar (sour) to their quick, lackluster products to make them sell better.”

I say try my Dad’s artisan whole grain sourdough. Honestly, it is just soo good…

“Naomi, thanks for the Introduction!”

ye olde german baker
Ye Olde German Baker Tom F.
West Sacramento, California

Whole-grain (wheat and rye) sourdough bread is different. Yes, I bake nutritious, aromatic sourdough goods in small batches from scratch. All are made with naturally aged levain (flour, water, wild yeast, etc.), lots of whole-grain flour, a touch of malt, overnight fermentation, and NO industrial additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This is ‘slow food’ and 100% trans fat-free, for sure.

The 49er miners once lived off sourdough while digging for gold in wild foothills. Their bakes were less delicious βˆ’ unlike the fine French and Italian shops that baked tasty sourdough bread in bustling San Francisco during the Gold Rush era.

After college, I once took a stint at a German bakery. The aroma of fresh-baked breads and pastries lingers on in my sensual memory. These days, I have rediscovered the craft of baking incredible sourdough goods as my hobby. 😜

Can Something so Tasty be so Healthy?

early fermentation
Fermenting foods is a time-tested practice.

Mayo Clinic pluses whole grains.

Current Offerings

Our current sourdough offerings include batards, demi-baguettes, and pretzels. All contain a good amount of whole wheat flour and are baked in small, artisan batches.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Batards
This bread belongs on every kitchen table. It is prepared with aged levain, 50% whole wheat, long fermentation, and small batches. What many like best about it is its caramelized crust. Batards are elongated, making them a bit easier to hold and slice than round boules. Around 710 gm or 25 oz.

Sourdough bread nourishes our family and friends throughout the years.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Demi-Baguettes
These demi-baguettes are easy to munch on during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thin and long, they are prepared with aged levain, 25% whole wheat, long fermentation, and in small batches. Around 385 gm or 14 oz.

Sourdough baguettes paired with cold cuts, cheeses, and spreads make for satisfying snacks.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Pretzels
Real German soft pretzels are dunked in a lye bath for their distinct crust and color. Recipes also call for less whole wheat flour, a pinch of diastatic malt powder, and some butter for flavor. Soft pretzels break a whole-wheat purist’s schema a bit. But I shall not violate one of Germany’s sacred recipes. Around 105 gm or 3.5 oz.

Sourdough pretzels are a perfect finger snack during a movie, a game, or even on the beach.

Orders, Drops, Popups, Pickups, & Walkups

Crusty Batards, Soft Pretzels, Crispy Demi-Baguettes βˆ’ all prepared and baked with aged levain, healthy amounts of whole wheat, and long fermentation. These affordable, small-batch gourmet foods are now available for order and pick up.

How does all that work?
Learn more about how orders, drops, popups, pickups, & walkups work.

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Hotplate is our preferred online service provider for streamlined sourdough goods sales. Our easy-to-use storefront on their intuitive service site makes it a breeze for customers like you to order and be SMS-notified (on your phone) of drops and popups for pickups or walkups.

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Between the caramelized crust and pillowy soft and open crumb, your whole wheat sourdough is rich inΒ toasty, earthy flavors. Fresh out of the oven and with a smidgen of garlic butter or cream cheese on it, I find it ridiculously delicious.
Ginnie S.
Ginnie S.

To Family, Friends, and Neighbors…

I set up this site to inspire and support local family & friends and those dispersed worldwide in their endeavor to bake nutritious, aromatic, and tasty sourdough bread at home.

Does every loaf of my many bakes come out perfect? Honestly, nope. Every bake is a new event, and many factors (living wild yeast, seasonal temperatures, time, etc.) influence its outcome. So, no one loaf is ever the same, but all are good.

Give baking sourdough bread a try if you have not done so. Sacramento-Sourdough is here to guide you in developing your baking skills and discovering the joys of devouring homemade sourdough bread and losing weight! 😊

sourdough bread
Sourdough from high protein flour.

The Sourdough App

Baker’s Math made easy.

Baker’s Math or Percentages are used to scale a given recipe’s ingredients up or down for different quantities of ingredients or loaves.

In my app, you simply enter a few vitals, including the desired Baker’s percentages, and the app calculates the proper ingredients for your whole wheat sourdough bake. 🀩

Click and try it now!

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50% whole wheat sourdough is delicious.

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And now the Gourmet Experts weigh in one more Time…

“People in France and Germany consume a lot of excellent bread. I think that Sacramento Sourdough loaves are in that class. Well done.”
“Every time my dad bakes a fresh loaf, I cannot wait to grab a bread knife and help myself to some goodness – with butter on it.”
“My husband and I do not like white bread. Our kids do, but I grew up in the countyside with home-made bread. Sacramento Sourdough is even better!”
Petr & Tatiana, West Sacramento
Petr & Tatiana