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We are still working on Orders, Drops, Popups, Pickups & Walkups.

In the meantime, please sign up on our no-spam SMS action list on Hotplate so you won’t miss Orders, Drops, Popups, Pickups, & Walkups going live.

Sourdough Ginnie Chatbot

Hello! I’m Ginnie, Sacramento-Sourdough’s chatbot. We take your privacy seriously. Our chats stay between us, and we never share personal data for ads or marketing.

Here Is A Brief Overview Of The Action Flow

We do not own or lease a regular shop, like a bakery or cafe. This is a rather mobile enterprise!


Orders, baking, pickups – the whole sourdough enterprise – are very event-driven (time and location).

You order online during an announced time window and then get notified when and where the order is ready for pickup. Pickups are scheduled within an announced time window and location (drops, popups) – often recurring weekly at known locations, so there is some consistency.

Currently, our service area is in West Sacramento, California. At this time, we are not able to offer delivery with the exception of perhaps large custom orders.


When you order sourdough goods in our storefront on Hotplate, you reserve them when you add them to your cart. You must check out in time to secure your purchases.

We SMS-announce timed events during which orders can be placed and paid for, as well as the corresponding locations of drop or popup events during which paid-for orders can then be picked up.


Drops are events at certain recurring times and locations where we place our freshly baked goods — be that at a food store, a coffee shop, deli, or open market — for pickup or walkup purchases. Many of these goods are ordered and pre-paid by customers and are thus reserved and ready for customer pickup.

We may bake more than ordered, and these goods are then available for walkup purchase.


On the other hand, popups are events similar to drops, with the difference that the time and location may not be as regular. We might set up a popup tent and table at someone else’s event, like a Farm to Fork event, or other opportunity.


Once you have ordered and paid for your goods, you surely will want to get your hands on them. Hotplate gives you clear checkouts, automatic order confirmations, SMS notifications and reminders of drops and popups for your pickups, and more.


You may have missed the order event but wish to walk-up at an event and simply purchase a sourdough good on the spot. Hotplate will show you the locations and times of drops and popups, as well as the available inventory for walkup purchases.

Some customers just cannot make to pickup. You may also take a walkup chance at inventory that has or will not be picked up.


Please keep in mind that our sourdough goods are not factory-baked on assembly lines in controlled environments. We prepare and bake in small batches and one bake is never like another. This is artisanship at its best and bakes usually look handmade and hopefully taste better.

However, once you have picked up your goods and found something amiss with them, that is, they are not meeting fair expectations, we will offer you a refund or replacement or credit.

Custom Orders

If you wish to issue a standing or recurring order, please contact us by email or by phone at (510) 470-1128 for a possible deal.

For large orders, we may be able to offer delivery.

When you subscribe to our free SMS action list on Hotplate, you will be notified on your mobile phone (no landline) of order, drop, and popup events. Email is so yesterday. So, sign up with your mobile and give it a try! Unsubscribe anytime.

By supplying your mobile phone number, you agree to our Privacy Policy, and to receive SMS/text messages related to (1) promotions, (2) order confirmations, and (3) event reminders. Consent to receive text messages does not obligate you to be a purchasing customer. Message and data rates may apply. The message frequency may vary. Visit the preferences center to manage your subscriptions. Reply STOP to the numbers you received the SMS/text messages from to opt-out or HELP for help. 

Soon To Be Found On Our Shelves at Hotplate…

Tasty Batards
Crunchy Boulots
Crusty Demi-Baguettes
Soft Pretzel

Rustic, artisan sourdough goods prepared with lots of whole wheat, a bit of rye, and aged levain. Baked in a Dutch oven or on stone in small batches, we use high hydration and long fermentation, which results in baked goods with an open structure, a mild sourdough taste, and freshness lasting for days.

Allergy Information:
Contains cereal/gluten.
Wheat and rye flour, water, sea salt, sesame. Pretzels also contain diastolic malt powder and butter.


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