par-baked bread

Par-baked dough is a dough that is partially baked. It can be stored frozen or at room temperature under a modified atmosphere to prolong its shelf life for future consumption. Par-baked products are baked to the point of crumb setting and oven spring but not to develop the browning of the crust, also called Maillard browning.

Our par-baked bread is partially baked and then rapidly frozen so you can finish baking it at home to a desired browning of the crust and enjoy it fairly fresh from the oven. Please note that the bread will arrive thawed — you might refrigerate, re-freeze, or bake it immediately.

Storage & Baking instructions:

STORAGE: Your bread was shipped frozen and may arrive thawed. You may refreeze the loaf and bake when you are ready. It is safe to eat having been refrozen, but may lose a bit of structure. The preferred method is to bake as soon as it arrives, let it cool, slice it to your liking, place it back in the freezer-safe plastic bag it was shipped in, put it in the freezer, and toast the sliced portions as needed. If you do not want to freeze it, keep it on your cutting board sliced side down, covered with a tea towel or in a paper bag.

BAKING: For a crisp crust, pat-down the bread with water before baking.

Bake from Thawed: Pre-heat your oven to 385°F. Place the bread directly on the rack and bake for 18 minutes. The bread is done when the crust is firm, and the loaf is well-browned.

Bake from Frozen: Pre-heat your over to 450°F. Place the bread directly on the rack and bake for 25 minutes. Your bread is done when the center of the loaf is warm. Test by inserting a knife or other instrument from the underside of the loaf.

Let the loaf cool on an open-air rack for at least 30-45 minutes before slicing.


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