sourdough bread
Yummy Sourdough Bread

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Baking one’s sourdough bread at home might be appealing, but it is not for anyone. Maintaining an active sourdough starter takes patience. It is like having to attend to a pet. And that is precisely what it is: attending to the beneficial microbes in the starter to keep them happy in perpetuity.

Baking sourdough bread is a hobby for me, and like with most hobbies, skills and practices must be learned and can continuously be improved. That is how I got reasonably good at it. Practice makes perfect, they say. Perfection, however, will take a lot more time for me. LOL

All resources referenced here are subject to the copyrights and whims of their respective owners. And obviously, I cannot list great resources here that I am unaware of.


Most bakers cannot go wrong with these millers and their flour.

King Arthur Baking

Central Milling


Cast iron Dutch pots make for a good baking vessel as they are cheaper than professional baking ovens referenced below.



Baking Ovens

Comparison of baking ovens –

I am interested in single-phase ovens like the Pico at or the Nero at

Procedures & Recipes

The Perfect Loaf

The Sourdough Journey

King Arthur Baking

Central Milling

and many others…

Working on more…


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