Try a slice of whole wheat sourdough bread with a bit of butter, smoked salmon, garlic, and a sprig of dill or two.

Whole wheat sourdough pairs well with the flavors of butter, cheese, smoked salmon, and cured meats.

Baking bread at home is a rewarding journey, not a destination. Not all loaves look great, as factors like temperature, hydration, fermentation time, etc., affect the performance of my bakes. But I am surprised that every loaf I have baked so far tasted very good and had a great aroma. Family and friends love these loaves of bread.

Baking a decent whole wheat sourdough boule or batard is involved but doable. However, baking sales-worthy sourdough bread consistently well, over and over again, is the mark of a master. One day, I might get there.

Ready or not, following are some serving suggestions.

Ham, Eggs, Cheese, Tomatoes, Salad Greens, on Sourdough with a Side of Pickles

Ham and Swiss Cheese on Sourdough with Cream Cheese, Tomato and Chives

ham and cheese

Beets Vegetable Soup with Buttered Sourdough

Varietal Cheeses on Sourdough

sourdough and cheese

Over time, I will be posting additional culinary ideas and suggestions on this page…


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